The Invermere Pickleball Club is committed to providing the safest pickleball play opportunities possible, and the extraordinary challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic led to the suspension of all Club activities in March.  As the Province relaxes social distancing rules, the Club is afforded an opportunity to resume activities under a modified structure, and as such, the Club can resume limited outdoor play opportunities for Members who adhere to precautions as set out in these Ancillary Play, Etiquette, & Safety Rules.  Adherence to these rules should be considered the minimum efforts that Members should undertake to stop the spread of the Coronavirus - so Members may undertake additional measures if they deem it appropriate.  These extraordinary rules supplement the Club's basic Play, Etiquette, & Safety Rules and reflect the Pickleball BC guidelines, with additional reference to the Pickleball Canada guidelines and the BC Provincial Health Guidelines, and they are in effect until further notice.

The extraordinary recommendations and requirements that are (concerned with managing the transmission of the Coronavirus during the Codid-19 pandemic) imposed on everyone in British Columbia by our National and Provincial Health Authorities, must be strictly adhered to by Club Members during all activities that are conducted under the ambit of the "Invermere Pickleball Club".  Though there may be some question as to which of the recommendations and suggestions constitute requirements, the Club treats them all as rules that Members are obliged to follow.  The most basic behaviour requirements include "physical distancing" or "social distancing", washing hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, coughing or sneezing into your elbow or a tissue, and avoiding touching potential "contact points" (areas that are frequently touched by other people).  The recommendations and rules that are stated here are designed to compliment those basic requirements, and are intended to satisfy the requirements of Best Practices.

Each player must determine the level of risk (of both being infected by others and infecting others) that they personally accept.  Every Member who participates in a Club activity accepts the fact that there is inherent additional risk of contracting Covid-19 every time they interact with individuals from outside their personal bubble.  Although these ancillary rules are intended to mitigate the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus, they do not eliminate every opportunity for transmission.

Arranging for Club-scheduled pickleball games is more complicated than when open-play was available, the rules associated with participation in Club events are more stringent, and participation will require more advance planning by each Member.  The records of attendance will be taken at all Club events and will be released to the appropriate authorities to enable contact-tracing if requested.

Prior to Resuming Play

Only "active" Club Members may participate in Club activities until further notice.  As such, even if someone who considers themselves to be a Member, but has yet to validate their membership renewal by paying the 2020 annual Club membership fee, is not a "Member", per se, and anyone who might be considered a "guest" is not a Member and they will not be permitted to participate in any Club events in any capacity - they can only participate after they formalise their membership.

As a prerequisite of participation in any Club events, each Member must agree to behave in accordance with these ancillary recommendations and rules while they attend Club activities.  The act of signing up for any Club activity (which is required before they can participate) is their affirmation that are healthy, that they are unlikely to spread the virus, that they will abide by these ancillary recommendations and rules, and they accept the special waiver (which is also set out later) related to Covid-19.  The special waiver is intended to protect the Club, the Directors of the Club, any appointed representative of the Club, and all other Members of the Club, in connection with the possibility of contracting Covid-19 from any claims of liability connected with members' participation in Club activities.

Members who attend any Club event must cooperate completely with the Club's representative (the "Host") as well as the operator of the venue during any Club activities.  Any Member who breaches these rules (or any of the Club's governing documents), is subject to suspension, and the Host will report the infraction to the Board of Directors, which may lead to further sanctions.

NOTE:  (this is a direct quote from Pickleball Canada) "…Pickleball play in contravention of local, provincial or federal laws or regulations is not an Authorized Activity and consequently is not covered by Pickleball Canada insurance."

Before participating in any Club activities:

1)   If you are not feeling well or you have ANY of the flu-like symptoms associated with Covid-19, STAY HOME.  The list of symptoms prepared by BC Centre for Disease Control includes:

  • Fever        Chills
  • Cough        Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat and painful swallowing        Stuffy or runny nose
  • Loss of sense of smell [and possibly taste]        Headache
  • Muscle aches        Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite        Additional information can be obtained at:

2)   If you or anyone in your household bubble has been in close physical contact with anyone who exhibits symptoms associated with Covid-19 within the previous 14 days, STAY HOME.

3)   If you have just returned from another country, or any area of high infection rates, in the previous 14 days STAY HOME.

4)   If you are vulnerable or at high risk of contracting or experiencing the more serious consequences of contracting Covid-19 (such as, but not limited to, if you have underlying health issues associated with age, you are immunosuppressed, or you suffer from serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, obesity, or asthma) STAY HOME.

5)   Keep in mind that most of the Club-members are seniors, so they are particularly susceptible to Covid-19, and that the Coronavirus can be spread to other Members even if you are asymptomatic, so consider your actions and the impact it can have on your fellow Members - be responsible, be careful, and take these Rules seriously.

Preparing to Play

  • If you are not a fully registered Member of the Club, arrange for membership through the Club website at or sign up in person with the Host of an event (and provide $20 cash).
  • The Host organises play and ensures these recommendations and rules are adhered to by the players in attendance. (Note that the Club does not officially have exclusive control over the use of the Pine Ridge courts even during the scheduled play-times, but non-member walk-ons should be discouraged by the Members in attendance).
  • Non-members are not permitted to participate in any Club events at this time
  • Maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary contact/interaction where possible. Spectators are not welcome at this time, and playing Members should keep a 2 meter distance from one another when around the courts before or after play times.  The "normal" social aspects of Club events are suspended for the time being.
  • It is not necessary to prearrange your intent to attend during scheduled play-times - just show up.
  • You must personally sign up at every scheduled event that you attend.
  • Each time you sign up to play, you are affirming that you have read, understand, and agree to the special waiver (which is ancillary to the general waiver you signed the first time you participated in a Club event), so read the special waiver (found at the end of this document).
  • Some players may still want to pre-arrange their partner and opponent(s) to reduce their exposure to others. Respect their right to play with specific members.
  • Instructional sessions are suspended.
  • Play structure will be staged. The rules connected with each consecutive stage will be relaxed in accordance with the Club's understanding of the current (and anticipated) recommendations and rules of the Provincial Health Authority, so changes may be required in due course.  Any changes deemed necessary will be announced accordingly.  If the Provincial Health Authority determines that risk levels are rising, or if any participating Members contract Covid-19, relaxations of these rules may need to be reversed for an undetermined period.  As the Board deems it safe to advance through the stages (or move backward) announcements will be made to the membership.
    1. Phase 2: Both "singles" and "doubles" games are permitted, but participants must keep the same partner (preferably from the same household) and opponents during a session. Selection of partners and opponents is left to the participating Members' discretion, but there will be no changes during any given time-slot.  Balls will not be supplied by the Club.
    2. Phase 3: Partners and opponents may be changed, at each player's discretion. Players are encouraged to observe social distancing where practicable and avoid unnecessary interaction.  Club balls will be provided, and players are to ensure they are sanitised between each game.  All courts will be available for use.
    3. Phase 4: Resumption of "normal" play (unrestricted by these rules). This is expected to coincide with development of a vaccine that is available locally and/or the National and Provincial Health Authorities announce the pandemic to be ended, and pre-pandemic life (perhaps modified) is restored.
  • Wearing of face masks and gloves is not required, but is optional.
  • Players must bring their own paddles, chairs, and water, etc. Club balls will be provided.
  • There will be no sharing or exchanging equipment, etc.
  • Avoid touching "contact points", where the potential for infection though touch are identified, such as (but not limited to):
  • Gates and fences.
  • Nets and posts.
  • Other players' paddles.
  • Other players' balls.
  • Garbage cans (pack out your garbage).
  • Seating areas.
  • Bathroom facilities.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and/or wipes. Sanitize your paddle and all balls, as well as potential high "touch points" such as net poles and gates before, during, and after each game.
  • When your ball travels to another court, ask the players in that court to kick your ball back to you.
  • Do not tap paddles at the end of a game.
  • Waiver


Acknowledgement of Risk

The Member acknowledges and agrees with the Invermere Pickleball Club that the risk associated with attending and playing pickleball sessions is contracting Covid-19.

Acceptance of Risk

The Member accepts the risk of contracting Covid-19 by attending events organised by the Club.

Obligations of Member

  • The Member shall strictly abide by any and all policies of the Club concerning the control of Covid-19.
  • The Member will notify the Host who represents the Invermere Pickleball Club or an Officer of the Club if they observe any other Member of the Club not strictly abiding to the Club policies concerning the control of Covid-19.
  • The Member will not attend or use the pickleball courts if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, if they have been in immediate contact with anyone who is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or if they are otherwise under an obligation to self-isolate or remain under quarantine.

Acceptance of Obligations

The Member accepts these obligations under this Agreement and acknowledges that a breach of these obligations on their part could result in their suspension or expulsion as a Member of the Invermere Pickleball Club and/or suspension of Club activities until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared to be at an end by the BC Health Authorities.

Waiver and Release

The Member hereby waives and releases the Club, its Directors of the Club, any appointed representative of the Club, and all other Members of the Club, of any and all claims the Member has or may have in the future for:

  • any loss or damage the Member may suffer due to contracting Covid-19, including sickness or death as a result of attending Club events, or as a result of Officers of the Club not enforcing any of its rules or policies; and
  • Any removal or other discipline imposed on the Member by the Club resulting from the Member's breach of their obligations under this agreement.


  • This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of British Columbia; and
  • any litigation involving the parties to this agreement shall be brought within the Province of British Columbia.
  • The Member hereby agrees to indemnify the Club, its Directors, and its other Members for all liability, expense, costs, damages, losses, claims, actions, or causes of action incurred or suffered by the Club by reason of the Member's breach of this agreement

The Member has read this agreement, fully understands its content, and agrees to be bound by its terms.  The Member understands that they have given up substantial legal rights by acknowledging and agreeing to this agreement.  The Member acknowledges that they are over 19 years of age.

Each time you "sign in" for a Club activity on the Invermere Pickleball Club's signup sheet provided by the Host of each event, you reaffirm that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Invermere Pickleball Club Best Practices (as set out herein, and any other documents that are found under the "Best Practices" link available in the Club's page on the Club website ( )).