July 2021  Club play is now at the Mt Nelson courts everyone is welcome.

June 27,2021

For those that are confused: play remains at Pine ridge until further notice. The start time is 8:30 am Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday. The subject matter in the last email stated " Schedule change - Pine Ridge Courts".

June 27, 2021

"We are close to changing our venue from Pineridge to Mt Nelson park. The lines have been painted and the nets and net storage are on order. Please watch for our email announcing our move in the next couple of weeks. Stay cool." Ray Schoepfer

Schedule starting Tuesday, June 29th: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8:30 am - 11 am

Also, we still have high quality, outdoor balls, specifically suited to play better in windy conditions, available to club members. You can get 4 balls for $15 by contacting Sheila at pickleballcv@gmail.com or phone (403) 978 - 4559 Please take advantage of this while we still have balls available.

June 8/21

Invermere Pickleball Club Resumes Play

 It's been a long COVID struggle for everyone, but it seems that we all are seeing the "bright light at the end of the tunnel". Recently, Pickleball BC announced the new Covid regulations regarding outdoor pickleball play which returns us to a state where we can resume our outdoor club play almost like before the start of Covid restrictions.

Starting June 8, regular, drop in play will commence at Pineridge, currently starting at 9:30 and going to noon. We will have a host, as usual to register all players and ensure those who are not club members, sign their waiver. There will be no need to sign up ahead of time, however those wishing to continue to sign up will have the benefit of conveniently connecting with other players ahead of time. Play will be completely open with regular rotation facilitated by the paddle holder system that is in place. Players will have the option of rotating partners and opponents or can limit partners as they see fit.

The only Covid protocols will be the physical distancing while you wait your turn to play, normal sanitizing and no spectators, only players can attend. In other news, the club has worked with the DOI to increase court availability. The DOI has stated that by the middle of June, the Mt Nelson multiuse court, will have new lines to facilitate 4 pickleball courts. The club will use these courts for club play and are working out the details on time, court usage, combining play between Pineridge and Mt. Nelson, etc. Once the courts are relined, the club will come out with the information on exactly how we will utilize the new facility. Stay tuned.

There are a number of previous members that have held off renewing due to suspension of club activities. Now is the time to renew your membership. Please click  https://secure.pickleballcanada.org/club/invermere-pickleball-club/1057/  and renew today. Also, we still have high quality, outdoor balls, specifically suited to play better in windy conditions, available to club members. You can get 4 balls for $15 by contacting Sheila at pickleballcv@gmail.com or phone (403) 978 - 4559 Please take advantage of this while we still have balls available. We are all really happy to finally get to this stage and look forward to continuing to build our club facilities and activities as we move forward from here.

Ray Schoepfer, President - Invermere Pickleball Club

June 8/21

Hosts for Club OPEN PLAY

The Invermere Pickleball Club OPEN PLAY at the Pine Ridge courts will commence June 8 following the same schedule as in past years –Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; 9:30 a.m. to noon.As in past years, the club is asking for volunteers to be HOSTS. Host duties aren’t onerous at all and it’s a great way to be an active member of the club and to meet other club members. Please consider volunteering. To make it easier, I’ve made up a schedule for the balance of the outdoor season. It will be in the Host binder. There is space for two hosts each day. It’s not really a two-person job but by having two people“on duty”one of you will be able to play when not engaged in host duties.


1.Retrieve Host binder, balls, and sanitizer from the lock box.

2.Welcome all players!Introduce them to some other members who can take them under their wing to get them started.

3.Have ALL PLAYERS sign in providing their Pickleball Canada (PCO) membership number.Refer to the membership list is in the binder (yellow paper) to confirm membership and their number.

4.Players who are not PCO members are required to sign a waiver-copies of which are available in the Host binder.Please ask them to READ IT CAREFULLY before signing as they will waive or give up certain legal rights, including the right to sue or claim compensation following an accident. (PCO Members have already “signed” a waiver during their membership sign-up.)

5.Visitors are welcome to play with the club three times after which we ask that they join the club by completing the membership application on the PCO website. These three introductory games allows them to learn the basics of the game, experience playing, and perhaps most important meet some of the club members. They are not obliged to join the club, however, they will not be able to play during designated club OPEN PLAY hours.

6.At the end of the session, lock up the equipment and the binder. If you have any questions, or are ready to sign up, please e-mail me at chowardpb@gmail.com


Your Host co-ordinator Cathy Howard

March 15, 2021.

The Invermere Pickleball Club also has a website in development within Pickleball Canada National System System. Here is the link: https://secure.pickleballcanada.org/club/invermere-pickleball-club/1057/

Club News: October 30, 2020

Change is in the Air



Hello fellow pickleballers. With the change of seasons we are also seeing some changes to the Invermere Pickleball Club board composition, as well as bringing play indoors for the fall and winter months.


Let me start by introducing myself and the other members of this year’s board. I have been volunteered into the position of board president (crafty move there Ray), and I am looking forward to bringing my passion as a new player to the sport and building upon the great work that has been done to-date to develop the club, grow membership, elevate sportsmanship, and most of all help create a fun atmosphere for play at all skill levels.


This year’s board is comprised of:


Mike Bader – President

Ray Schoepfer – Vice President, Skills Development Coordinator

Sheila Stevenson – Treasurer/Memberships

Nancy Wilfley - Secretary

Pamela Ison Reilander - Events Coordinator

John Hague - Communications

Cathy Howard - Hosts


The board would like to welcome all the new members that joined this year, as well as thank returning members for their continued support. Also, a big thank you to those members that helped get the word out and grow our roster of active players. We are 165 members strong (and continue to grow!). On that, just a quick reminder that membership is predicated on having some form of longer-term residency in the valley and for the time being we still have a no-guest policy in place while we all learn to live with the ins and outs of our Covid-restricted world.


Speaking of Covid, as we move from the wonderful world of outdoor play at Pine Ridge and Copper Point, and into the Columbia Lake Rec Centre, there are a few guidelines we need to bring to your attention:


  • Please avoid coming to the facility if you are having any symptoms of illness
  • Please enter through the front doors of the Rec Centre, pay your fees and go directly into the hallway between the courts
  • Change outdoor shoes into indoor shoes
  • Please do not use gates and enter courts from the North and South entrances.
  • Lockers and showers are not available
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Bring your own equipment
  • Book your spot for each day you’d like to play through SignUp Genius (John will send out a separate note on that)
  • We will be monitoring the number of players wanting to participate and will expand play times as demand dictates


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any fellow board members if you have any questions. Stay healthy, play safe, and have fun.


Mike Bader

President, Invermere Pickleball Club

COVID - Best Practises Update July 18, 2020

Sportsmanship Award: Aug 12, 2020

Sportsmanship award given to Randy Baker this morning at the Invermere Pickleball Club. He is deserving of the award because of his on court attitude and willingness to play with all players regardless of ability. This is a trophy that every player should strive to achieve. Randy always has a smile on his face,is happy and fun to play with.

Presidents message: Aug 30 2020

Hello All Members
Starting Monday, August 31 we are moving to our fall schedule with club play running from 9:30AM to Noon, Monday through Friday. We will continue outdoor play at Pineridge into October and will decide our last day of play closer to the end of the season with weather being the determining factor.
Currently, our indoor venue is closed. It is reported that the board of the Columbia Lake Recreation Center is waiting till mid September to decide on when and how they will re-open. As such, we are not able to make any plans for indoor play at this time. Please be assured that our club executive will be watching developments closely in order to organize play as soon as possible.
Our current executive is made up of volunteers that were invited by our founding members. During the past few months they were busy with organizing the club and setting up play for our challenging spring and summer. We feel our club has grown large enough now that we are ready for an elected executive that we can chose at our first AGM.
We would like to hold our first AGM on Saturday September 19th at 11:30, outdoors, at the Pineridge courts. Should the weather be really bad, we will reschedule. At this meeting, the current executive will introduce our suggested bylaws and other club documents and allow all members to vote to accept them as is or possibly make some amendments and then accept the amended documents. As well, we will hold full elections for a new executive.
We will send out an AGM package in the next week or so with the documents mentioned along with an agenda and any other pertinent information. As well, if you have not paid your club fees yet, we will be accepting payments at the AGM. Also, if you are not a club member, you can signup here as well. Please make an effort to come and participate in your clubs first AGM.
Finally, we would like to announce the winner of the second annual Sportsmanship Award that has been sponsored by Tom Wilkinson and Jan Guenigsman. This year’s recipient is Randy Baker. He is deserving of the award because of his on court attitude and willingness to play with all players regardless of ability. This is a trophy that every player should strive to achieve. Randy always has a smile on his face, is happy and fun to play with.
We would also like to give a special thank you to Tom and Jan as well as all the volunteer hosts that have worked hard to make our club a fun and safe group.
See everyone at our first AGM on Saturday, September 19th at 11:30AM.
Ray Schoepfer
Interim President