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 Sign up instructions for SignUpGenius

If you follow these instructions faithfully, your best chance for arranging you’re your desired play times and accomplishing your game plan (to play doubles v singles, with players of a particular skill level, etc). Improper signups are at risk of being deleted by the site administrator.
  1. If you did not already bookmark or save this page as a favourite on your desktop and phone when you registered in    SignUpGenius for the IPC pickleball sessions at Pine Ridge and Copper Point, you should do so now.
  2. Once you are ready to book court-times at either venue during IPC sessions, open this page by    selecting it from your desktop or favourites.
  3. Once you have read, understand, and agree to everything stated above (and more importantly, the IPC's Ancillary Play, Etiquette, & Safety Rules), proceed by scrolling down, past these instructions, to the sign-up schedule to find Groups that are entirely vacant or that appear to be partially vacant, in accordance with your intentions.
  4. Upon finding a suitable Group with at least one vacancy, select the "Sign Up" button (a check mark will be displayed in the button).
  5. Select the "Submit a Sign Up" button (at the bottom centre of the page).
  6. A new page opens. If you are the first to sign up in that Group, you have the opportunity to control the type of game  (singles v doubles) that will be played and who you will permit to join your Group. However, you can only take control if you enter a brief statement to indicate your intentions in the "My Comments" field. If no message is stated, especially if there are apparent vacancies and/or the "Sign Up" button is still displayed, you have essentially forfeited control of the Group, and you risk having players who are incompatible with your intentions or your skill level signing up in your Group.
The absence of a message (without contact information) might be construed by any other member who seeks an opportunity to play that you are willing to accept anyone of any skill level to join you to play whatever type of game is suited to the number of players that ultimately sign up with you - so they may prove to be a poor match, which could easily be avoided through some very basic communication.
Furthermore, if you want to screen players who might join you - before they sign up with you - you should request they contact you in your "My Comment" message, and include your applicable contact information (such as your phone number or email address). That said, if you intend to convey any such personal information through the "My Comment" field you must accept the fact that even though the right of access to the IPC play schedule for Pine Ridge and Copper Point on SignUpGenius is only granted to IPC members (and Copper Point Golf Course, and any government agency that requests it), the IPC has no control over who might ultimately obtain that information, and the IPC accepts no responsibility for who ultimately obtains it or how they use it. As such, restrict the information that you enter under "Mt Comments" to that which you are comfortable releasing to the general public.
The "My Comments" field is an excellent communication tool - and can be essential to your ability to arrange the type of game you want to play with players who are a good match. You can convey whatever you believe will lead to achieving your objective, but be concise and clear about your intentions: Some examples of potential messages follow:
  • playing singles, court fully booked
  • all spots are spoken for - if vacancy is shown, some of us have yet to sign up
  • No Vacancies (even if the "Sign Up" button is shown)
  • 2 beginners seek 2 more beginners (or patient intermediates) for doubles, call me at 250-xxx-xxxx
  • 3 intermediates need 1 more intermediate; email me at
  • WANTED: any two players rated 3.0 to 3.5 for doubles
NOTE: Only one member of your Group should convey your message (though they can add to yours under their own name).
 7. DO NOT adjust the number under "Quantity" (it may confound the other members of your Group's ability to sign up), regardless of what you may believe is its purpose - just ignore it, don't touch it.
 8. DO NOT check the box labelled: "Display an alternate name on the sign up", just ignore it.
 9. If you are satisfied with your message select the "Sign Up Now" button. The page that opens will display a confirmation of your booked Groups, and it provides options to edit and delete your booking(s). If no changes are warranted, your signup is complete (so you can close SignUpGenius).
 10. You can edit your message from the booking confirmation page by selecting "Edit My Sign Up". The page with the "My Comment" field will open, so change the message, then select "Update My Sign Up", then repeat the process starting with Item No. 6, above. You will receive a confirmation of any revisions.
 11. If you are on the booking confirmation page, and you want to book another Group, or change some aspect of any of your existing bookings, select the "Back to Sign Up" button. The schedule will reopen.
 12. Once the schedule reopens, you can sign up in another Group by repeating the process starting with Item No. 4. You can also edit any of your messages in your existing booking, by selecting the appropriate icon (the pencil) below your name in the appropriate Group to open the page with the "My Comment" field; then repeat the process starting with Item No. 10.
 13. To delete any booking, select the appropriate icon (the X) below your name in the schedule. A new page will open where you can confirm your intent - then select the "Yes - Delete" button. If you are satisfied with all aspects of your bookings, you can now close SignUpGenius.
 14. If you are the first player to sign up among players who you have prearranged to play with, notify the other players of the details of your booking, and that they should sign up soon - and remember, each player must sign in themselves.
 15. If you ultimately determine that you will not be attending your booked time-slot, and you delete your booking, notify other players that you are cancelling so they amend their game plan or recruit a replacement (by adding or amending their own message under "My Comment", or through personal contact). If they also decide to cancel, they must also delete their own sign-ups so the Group becomes available to other potential members.

 NOTE: If you have any questions or problems concerning the rules for signing up or playing, your first step should be to refer to the brief shown above. If it doesn't help, additional information is found in the IPC News Bulletin of May 23, and if you still can't sort something out, try the IPC's Ancillary Play, Etiquette, & Safety Rules   However, if none of these references help you out, you may contact the IPC member who represents IPC for the venue that your questions concern:

Pine Ridge: Ray Schoepfer at

Copper Point: Scott Frank at

SignUp Genius Questions: John Hague at